10 WTF Moments Every Girl Goes Through

Being a girl isn’t an easy job at all. Too many rules, too many expectations and much more. We are supposed to look good all day long but at the end, we are also human beings. We make mistakes. Why there are so many expectations from us only? And you know what?

There is also some WTF moment from which every girl goes through. Let’s scroll it up.

1) Expecting us to know how to cook

Okay! We are girls. So, what? Where is it written that being a girl means you should know cooking? Is it really important? Who made this rule and when? Whenever a girl says she doesn’t know cooking, people react like OMG? What will you do now? I mean…??

2) Making fun when a girl wears makeup

If someone likes wearing makeup, she’s free to do so. There’s no need to make fun of them or giving them lectures about what real beauty is and blah and blah…

3)  Kajal is a big deal 

And at the same time, they ask you if you are not well or tired if you don’t apply kajal for a day.

4) Online shopping dress doesn’t fit

It is really a pain when you are too excited to buy something online and when you finally purchase it, it doesn’t fit you or give you the look you needed. Aarhghhh

5) When your periods arrive before the date

Periods are irritating. It is tough. But anyway, we all have to go through them once in a week. But do you know how does it feel when they arrive before their dates? That’s even more disgusting.

6) Judging us from the size of our assets

Girls are much more than their body. But judging them from the size of their assets is the most disgusting thing one can ever do. For eg, if someone is plus size, people will keep demoralizing them by calling fat. If someone is dark in complexion, people will ask to apply a cream and if someone is skinny, people will call them flat. I mean, WTF?

7) All Girls don’t like pink

No! I’m a girl and I don’t like the pink color. I like other colors as well. And it is just a lame thing when someone assumes that every girl likes pink color. We have different choices.

8) Arrange marriage proposal thing

It is not easy to understand the concept of arranged marriage and giving the ads in a newspaper or on the internet. Plus, when you finally get one, your mother in law starts interrogating you with some lame questions.

9) 25 is big deal (Asking us to get married before 25)

I mean, dude. It is like to leave the party at 8pm. LOL

10) Baby expectations after marriage

No! I need time. We need to understand each other first. We may take time. We need to enjoy our life and our WE time first before having a kid.

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