30 centuries now, when will Virat surpass Sachin?

According to stats,Virat will break sachin’s records by 2025 . Agree?

It was a do-or-die match against Sri Lanka in Hobart in the year 2012, when Virat Kohli came into the limelight as he amassed 133 in 83 balls and took India home in just 37 overs. Since then, there has been no looking back for the 28-year-old batsman.

When we used to talk about cricket some five-six years back, one player about which we regularly discussed was Sachin Tendulkar. Today when teenagers and children talk about cricket, the highlight of their discussion is Virat Kohli. It is really amazing to see Virat’s aggression in batting and while captaining the Indian side.

Statistical Comparison: Virat miles ahead of Sachin:-
source:- youtube
There are reasons why Virat is often compared with the God of cricket. Kohli is in sublime form since last four years. His batting graph is taking new leaps every year especially in ODIs and T20Is. In ODIs, he is bettering Sachin’s record by a distance. After 191 innings, Virat Kohli has more than 8,700 runs at an average more than 55. What makes it look even more better is the fact that he has already smashed 30 centuries and is needs only 19 more to level Sachin’s record.Talking about Tendulkar, he took around 275 innings to score 30 centuries. Sachin’s average after 275 innings was close to 42.

Virat scores more than 3 centuries every year:-

The statistics tell us that Kohli is miles ahead of Sachin in every aspect and the way he is moving ahead he is all set to break most of his batting records. It’s just a matter of time and we will see Kohli overtake Sachin if he continues to play like this. Virat made his ODI debut in 2008 against Sri Lanka. He has completed 9 successful years as a permanent member of India’s playing eleven and has scored 30 centuries in ODIs. This means he scores at least three centuries in every calendar year. Sachin, on the other hand, made his ODI debut against Pakistan in 1989 and played his last match too against the arch-rivals in 2012. He played ODI for about 22 years and scored 49 centuries. This means that he scored more than 2 century per the calendar year. Here too, Kohli is beating his batting idol quite comprehensively. But this needs to be considered that cricket has really evolved a lot in past few years. Also, Sachin was middle order batsmen in his first 65 innings. He started opening the innings in 1994, after playing 5 years of international cricket.source:- youtube

Kohli will end up his ODI career with around 60 – 65 centuries
But here we are least considered about finding reasons for the deviations, we want to know when will Virat takeover the God of cricket in ODIs. According to Kohli, as he said in an interview, he feels that he can play maximum for ten years more. So, if he maintains his physical fitness and bats the way he is doing now he will end up with an astonishing record. He will end up his career with having a minimum of 60-65 centuries in around 450-470 innings. Going through statistics, analyzing other things and especially his batting form, he should overtake Sachin’s record of 49 centuries around the year 2024-2025.source

Sachin is irreplaceable:- source:- youtube
Even if Virat breaks all his records, Sachin will always be revered and will be remembered for a very long time, as a player who completely changed the game.

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