5 signs of strong personality

Personality plays key role in success

Being confident is the essence of life. Your personality reflects the character and builds your unique identity. Learn about five signs that can help you build a strong personality.

According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, personality is an unbroken series of gestures. It is a well-accepted fact that strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from the will inside and other physiological factors which play an indomitable role in building up a person’s personality. Psychologists say that there are innumerable personalities in the world. Going to the researchers, there are many typical traits that depict a positive personality.

Here are five signs of strong personality:

1 ) Good Listener: –

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Communication skill is an important part of personality. Listening and speaking are both of equivalent relevance. Good speakers are always good listeners. There is an insightful reason behind this. Those who have knowledge have an apprehension and acceptance for other’s knowledge.

2 ) Fearless:-

There are many people who fear regarding their future. They are worried unnecessarily about their life. This is what separates character of people. People with strong personality are fearless in nature. They opine in a candid way, without caring much about the mindset of the person they are talking to. However, they don’t hurt people. These people also see problems as an opportunity to rise up. They love to take challenges.

3 )  Little tolerance for ignorance:-

It is an obvious fact that if one has a strong personality, he or she will like to assert his or her importance. This means that he or she will be less tolerable to ignorance as compared to others.

4 ) No Excuses:-

People with unique personality traits always try to attain something big in their life. In pursuit of these goals and ambitions, they fail, sometimes miserably, sometimes by a small margin. There are people who have the mental collapse and start feeling depressed after failures. But due to their mental toughness, and willpower intact together, people with strong personality face these struggles very smoothly. They realize what was wrong with their approach and after analyzing things they try to hit their goals more harder.

5 ) Eye-contact and gestures:-

It is often seen that a candidate who does extraordinarily well academically, often succumbs to get through interviews and group discussion rounds. These rounds are where your convincing skills are at stake. So, if you are good at it, you get through with them easily but if you aren’t then you keep pondering over it and still, you cannot find where you are lacking. According to psychologists and interviewers of well established corporate firms, they reject people when they find lack of confidence. And how do they test it? Simply by interacting with the candidates. If you look into the eyes of the other person while speaking to him or her, it tells about your inner confidence. If a person uses hand gestures while speaking, then he appears to be a good orator and more convincing.

So these are the five essential signs of strong personality. It is good to note that these things are not inherited or not present in anyone since their birth. These traits can be developed to improvise personality.

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