5 things every women needs from a men in relation

Things women want in a relation

Relationship is a noble bonding between a man and a woman. In most of the cases men’s are not able to know that which major qualities a woman always finds in her man. In this article there is a direction which should be followed by a man for getting the success over a woman and make a beautiful relationship among them.source

Here are the five key points of every relation:- 

1 ) Understand  the importance of her presence in a man’s life:


First of all, a man should make her girl realize that how much important she is in his life and what key role she is going to play in his life. By doing this, that guy will get the full attention of his girl and dazzling presence of her in life.This is the best way to winning her heart for a beautiful relationship.

2 ) Trust in a Relation :source

Relationship demands one thing that is honesty in character. It does not matter what a man should do with his woman but one thing he should be and that is he has to be honest, A guy cannot get the privilege to enter a girl’s world completely unless or until he would be honest with her. Girls don’t want to play games with the relationship rather than be honest with her and this is the most valuable matter for a strong relationship building up.

3 ) Romance :source : youtube

Romance/Sex is the key to every relationship. Without this, it will never build up. In most of the cases, it was found that after the marriage due to family pressure the romance seems to start fade from the relationship which should not be acceptable. According to a poet, it can be stated that always treat a woman as your girlfriend even after she becomes a wife and makes her realize that all the nights are very special for both of them.

4 ) Reliability and Responsibility: source

 A woman wants a reliable man like a guardian who always makes her realize that whatever situation will be, he will be beside with her forever. Take a stand love her care for her that’s all she wants.

5 ) Communication: source

For keeping up a good relationship it is necessary to communicate with each other all the time. Women always try to communicate with their men. In most of the cases men talks when they need sex but there is another way of communicating rather than intimacy and that is spoken up openly regarding the feelings. According to a survey, many women’s agrees the lack of communication is the biggest issue of an unhealthy relationship.

Follow these key needs an enjoy a healthy relation.


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