7 Bollywood inspirational movies we need to see this vacation

Bollywood movies are something which we all have seen since our childhood. We all have grown up watching movies and I’m sure we all love it. we do have different preferences and taste when it comes to movies. And we just don’t see it but also get inspired from them. Don’t you think the same? Let’s see some of the best Bollywood movies which has inspired us all.

Kahaani 2

Kaahani 2, a very inspiring movie where a teacher saves a 6-year-old little girl who was being sexually harassed by her uncle. The girl was too small to understand what actually is happening with her, but her grandmother knew it but didn’t object it at all. But a woman who was a complete stranger to her raised her voice and saved the girl.

Mary kom

Based on the story of India’s ace woman boxer, Mary kom is the biographical film of the girl of Manipur who wanted to become a boxer. Undoubtedly, her struggle wasn’t easy at all. But she got the support of her husband who motivated her to become a national champion.


It is one of the best movie you will ever see based on the real-life story. Neerja, a 23-year-old girl who was an air hostess saved 108 life but sacrificed her life for them. It happened when her plane got hijacked and she fearlessly stood in front of the terrorist without thinking about her life. a saviour she was.


Yes, we are talking about the block buster film Dangal. Again a movie based on real life, a story of two girls who are now the Olympic winner wrestlers. Her father stood and trained them so well so that they are now the pride of whole nation. It is a big thing especially in the country where people still think that girls are born to cook and give birth to children.



We really need a film like pink in the country where people blame women for rape. A film which gives the clear message that when a woman says no, it means no. there’s no if or but. If she’s wearing revealing clothes or has more male friends, it doesn’t mean that she’s characterless. Grow up people.

3 idiots


A film which tells you that asking your children to become what you wanted to be is not right. It is about your children not you. Let them follow their dreams. Let them do what they want to do. One can become successful when he/she is interested in his/her work. You can’t make your kid successful by forcing them.


As the title says, queen. This movie gives a beautiful message that a woman doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy. She can still lead to a happy life without a man. All she needs to be is strong. Don’t get dependent on a man.

Liked it? please share more inspiring movies if you know any.

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