7 Uncommon Things in India

We are Indians and proud of it. Isn’t it? That’s what we all say proudly. But have you ever thought about those things which are considered as Sin in India? Here are some things India should relax about.

Curious to know? Let’s take a look

1 ) Inter-religion relationship

Inter-religion, inter-caste relationships are the most complicated part of India. If you like someone who is not of your caste or maybe religion, then you must kill your feelings. There is no hope. I mean, does it even make sense? Is it necessary to love the person who is of the same caste? why can’t we accept it happily?

2 ) Homosexuality

India is a democratic country. We all have enough rights to lead our own life. then why can’t we have our own sexual preferences? If someone is interested in his/her same gender, then what is your problem? Live and let them live. Give yourself a breakkkk!

3 ) Can pee but can’t kiss in public


Here comes our diplomacy. Nobody raises their voice when they see someone peeing in public. But we make a big issue if we see someone kissing in public. We even raise the question on their upbringing and a lot more.

4 ) Justification of rape

Okay! So you’ve raped someone and now is trying to justify yourself telling why did you rape. You’re saying that the girl whom you raped shouldn’t go out after 10 PM in the night or shouldn’t wear seducing clothes. And do you really think this justification makes any sense? Rape is rape. No justification can make it correct. Accept it.

5 ) Gender Equality

There was a time when women were treated badly. They were treated badly and even it is still happening in this century too. But thankfully, the government has made many laws to give women equality. But now, this is no more the issue. Nowadays, people tell others about how to behave to the person. For eg, if she’s a woman, you must behave well even if she is not right.

P.S- We all are mature and we don’t treat the person according to his/her gender. We treat the person according to his/her nature, qualities and a lot more.

6 ) Religion Differences

Religions aren’t made to divide us. There is no sense to fight for anyone’s religion. We live in a country like India which is famous for its unity in diversion. We have Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians and more religion living together. So why to fight?

7 ) Premarital sex

We are grownups but still can’t use the word sex in public. We don’t have enough guts to use the word even after marriage. People still prefer to lose their virginity after getting married. And those who lose their virginity before marriage are not accepted by the society.

Please share your views on the same. What are your thoughts about it? Did you like the article?




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