8 Inventions by Indians which changed the history

Gift by Indian’s to mankind

India holds the credit to have the oldest civilization in the world marking it roots to thousands of years ago. It has been giving out to the world the best of its inventions from centuries and has played a significant role in the field of science, art, mathematics, medicines and so on. Today a lot of these modern technologies and the inventions purely depends on those basic principal and theories given by Indians thousands of years ago. Let’s take a look at some of those amazing Inventions by Indians which changed the history and the modern day life.

1 ) The Zero (0), Decimal and the Quadratic System

Zero was an invention of an Indian upon which today the entire number system depends. Arya Bhatta invented that magical number which has led the world in learning counting numbers and solve mathematics. Without the invention of decimal, today even reaching the moon would have been an impossible task.

‘In the whole history of mathematics, there has been no more revolutionary step than the one which India made when they invented zero.” Lancelot Hogben.

2 ) Plastic Surgery and cataract surgery

Sushruta holds the credit of being the greatest healer in ancient times and even till today. He gave many arduous surgery methods and cure to the world way back in 6th century. He even performed the cataract and the plastic surgery in that era and became the first person to do so. Many other medicines and healing methods have been given to the world through Ayurveda. Indians right from the mythological age have played a major role in inventing herbs and shrubs to cure the diseases.

3 ) Shampoo

Yes, you heard it right. These modern days shampoos have their inventers from India. These are nothing but the advanced chemically treated version of the massage oil with some naturally found herbs used in 1762 by the Mughal Empire. Earlier in those days, it was called ‘Champoo’ which was basically used as a massage agent. The Nawabs of Bengal usually used this.

4 ) Flush Toilet

Well, there is a huge misconception among people regarding the flush toilet to be a western culture product. But, digging the history of India you’ll find that these flush toilets were first used in India and were a part of Indus Valley Civilization. Archaeology has proofs of its existence in most of the houses through the remains found. These flush toilets also had a connection to the sewage system. So, next time when you come across a person saying these flush toilets are too western, just correct them there.

5 ) Buttons

All our clothes have buttons today which keeps the clothes fixed at a position and also add up to the beauty. Well, these buttons too are not a modern day science but were apart of our ancient Indus Valley Civilization. There is ample evidence of the fact that these buttons were used long ago by Indians. The archaeological remains discovered irregularly shaped buttons with two piercing in it which looked similar to the buttons that we use today. These buttons were used by Indians as ornaments in those days to decorate their clothes.

6 ) Radio/Wireless communication

It is well-known fact that the model of wireless telegraphy for which Marconi received a Nobel prize in 1909 was actually invented and demonstrated publicly by Jagdish Chandra Bose in 1895 to show the radio waves for communication.Marconi demonstrated his model of wireless telegraphy in 1897 and received the Nobel prize in physics. Although later on Jagdish Chandra Bose was credited for his invention after his demise. But the fact still remains intact that his invention truly elucidated and paved a consolidated path for the modern day wireless technology and communication.

7 ) Ink

The Ink was discovered in many of the civilization and cultures a long ago and was used for writing down the scriptures. India was the first source for the carbon pigments which was called ‘Musi’ and used in the ancient periods for writing.The writing practice in India with the help of Ink and a particular type of sharply pointed tool was commonly in use since 4th Century BC. Well, it was one of those inventions that Indians have produced.

8 ) Diamond Mining

India was the first country until the 18th century to have recognized and mined and used the diamonds as a decorative item. The diamonds were found in India around 5000 years ago and eventually grew as a precious stone used as ornaments. There is also some reference about these sparkling stones using the word ‘Vajara’ which means the thunderbolt, a weapon of Lord Indra which reveals its spiritual attributes in ancient India. Kohinoor is the largest diamond mined in India from the era of Qutub Shahi Kings of Golconda.

There are a lot more and major other inventions by Indians which have proved that Indians had the most intelligent minds ever. There are still a plethora of those inventions by the brilliant minds that didn’t get the fame and the limelight but was accepted and used by people all over the world.

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