8 Reasons Why Having A Male Friend Is Must For All Girls

Why a Guy friend is needed to girls.

Having a male friend in your life is as important as having a female one. Isn’t it? Believe it or not, we girls reaalllyy like reaallyyy need a guy best friend in our lives. Why? Let’s take a look here.

1) Less drama! Less bullshits: –source

Okay! Now it’s true. We girls sometimes (actually most of the time) get over excited and emotional and we do create a lot of drama. Yes, we do ladies! But you won’t get all these while having a guy bestie.

2 )They’ll keep you updated about the guy’s relationship status:-source

Here, you’ll feel lucky to have them. Trust me, they’ll always keep you updated about the relationship status, likes, dislike of the guy you like.

3 ) They’ll be protected for you:-source: youtube

They’ll be more protected and be caring about you as compared to your best girlfriends. They are always present for you whatever the situation is. You just call them and no matter what they come.They will try to protect you from every worse and hectic issue.

4 ) Will be always there for you: –source: youtube

Okay! So here, we need to admit that guys are the better friends than girls. If you’ll call them at 12 am asking to come over or at 3 Am for a stupid conversation, they will be there. They don’t care what the time is they are ready.

5) Will tell you your boyfriend’s reality:-source: youtube

Well, it’s a little bit easy for a male to know about your boyfriend’s personality and they openly and frankly tells you about them what they do, how they look etc etc and why you are not supposed to with him as Boys are always Boys and they are more open to male as compared to their female friends.

6) No scope of jealousy:-source: youtube

We girls get jealous from each other. And sometimes, because of our jealousy, we don’t help/compliment each other. But with your male bestie, there’s no scope of jealousy. They didn’t get jealous unless they start liking you or love you.

7) No bitching:-source:- youtube

So all we can get assure of that he won’t bitch about you in your absence. Or will he? ummm?

8) Abusing is NO BIG DEAL:- source: youtube

For boys, its like they cant talk without using abusive words. But in girls, you just can’t abuse. Why? Because it’s just not so cool. Um? Well, you can abuse in front of your male bestie without getting the fear of being judged.

Did you like the post? Or did we miss anything? If you’ve something which we’ve missed then please let us know.

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