College Life Is Incomplete Without Visiting These 8 Places

Dream Destination of every college student for vacations

College life is indubitably the most enjoyable part of one’s life. It is where you have a plenty of time to spare and a cool set of friends ready to join you in your every adventure. College life is also deemed to be the right time to travel and explore the world. The main reason that draws this conclusion is that later on in life you are never going to get this freedom once you enter the corporate world and start doing Jobs.

Traveling to new places and meeting new people brings out the confidence in you which significantly boosts your personality. While everyone in college dreams of visiting some of the other places with their group of friends, their clouds plans rather remain amorphous owing to a plethora of reasons. Many times people are not able to decide the place suited for their recreation and amusement.

To help you with that, we have elucidated and compiled the most Popular Places In India Every College Should Visit.

1 ) A Trip to Manali is a Mandatory thing:-

If you are one of those students from colleges based in or around Delhi, then this is your thing. Manali is easily accessible from here and the most beautiful place loved and accorded by the college students. The tall mountains covered with a sheet of white snow and the panoramic beauty fills you with joy. Make sure you try paragliding, skating and rappelling when you visit this place. A visit to the Great Himalayan National Park is what you cannot afford to miss towards the end of your trip.

2 ) A Memorable Bike Ride To Leh

Are you one of those cool groups who love long distance bike riding? If yes, then you must plan a trip to Leh with your friends. Gather your boys and girls and head straight with your beasts. You can even hire Royal Enfield bikes to enrich your experience and make the trip more exciting. It will surely test your endurance and skills of your driving but at the end, you will always say, ‘What a ride’. The ice-capped mountains, the cold breeze and the melting glacial adds up to the adventure to complete the trip.

3 ) Explore The Royal Pink City, Jaipur

If your taste comprises of the mystical palaces and Havelis, royal gardens, lawns and the locale folk flavor then Jaipur is the city you must visit. Fringed with the royal palaces the city offers some of the best palatable dishes which is the real joy relishing on. Try researching a bit on the foods and make a list to taste every lip-smacking dishes. The royal elephant ride is what you must try to see around the city.

4 ) Go Goa Gone- The Dream Destination

Needless to say, Goa is the dream spot for the vacation of every college students in India. It is always on top of the travel list of every friend’s group ever in college or even after that when they are into Jobs. This place needs no explanation to why it is loved the most by Indians even since their childhood. Yes, do consider all your wild intentions, the trek to the Dhudsagar waterfalls, the exotic beaches, and the most awaited sunburn festival every year which will shower the eternal happiness printing a long-lasting impression on you all.

5 ) Coorg- The Scotland of India

When you are bored up with the hustle bustle of the city life and want some solitude to quickly rejuvenate yourself, just visit Coorg. The invigorating vibes, the fresh air, and the spellbinding lush green beauty all around will charge you up to the optimum level. After finishing up a tough semester with a lot of pressure, studies and exams you can just pack your luggage and land in Coorg to have some relief from the life. If you are a tea lover this place has a treasure for you. Make sure you enjoy the locally grown tea which recharges you completely.

6 ) Camping and water Sport at Rishikesh

Well, this is the place where most of the parent won’t deter in letting their children go after all they can come up with an excuse by calling their adventurous trip a holy one. Yes, let them know you are going to off wash your sins in the holy water of Ganges, and the magic is done. Gather your mates who love swimming and water sports and head straight to an adventure Sports operation team in Rishikesh and book your raft and your tent by the Riverside. You need to make the reservation in advance to find the best-desired tent. Do not forget to carry your own beer and a volleyball to play by the riverside and rest will be memorable for the lifetime.

7 ) Bandipur Forests- Explore the Jungle life

If you and your group has a thing for the wildlife and exploring the jungle, hit the Bandipur forest. The dense forest is located in the vicinity of the foothills of Nilgiris in Karnataka. You might run into some of the rare Asiatic elephants, wild monkeys and cats on your way, if lucky. Do not cross the limits in your excitement and be careful with the jungle rule.

8 ) Ladakh with your Gang

Some things in life are not done so often but when you do make sure you feel complacent and smug about it. Visiting Laddakh is one such thing you must keep it on your list. Be ready to experience the pure white clouds over your which seems like the Cotton candy you ate in childhood. Also, reach to the Pangong lake to view the beauty of nature at its best with the pure limpid water down at your feet. The Yak safari there is the fascinating thing ever you will find. Get on with your group to navigate through the valley and explore the beauty of this Paradise on earth.

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