8 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Looking fashionable is every girl’s dream. Isn’t it girls? We all want to look good, classy and stylish within the specific budget. So, if you are a girl and looking for some amazing fashion hacks which will make you look stylish and classy at the same time, let’s scroll it down here.

1) Don’t go for permanent Hair straightening

Of course, we all like straight silky and long hair. But if you will do permanent straightening, it may damage your hair’s quality. And plus, it won’t suit you every time and on your every clothes. So, keep your hair normal so that we can make a hairstyle according to your clothes and trend without damaging them.

2) Don’t follow trend all the time

For looking fashionable, you don’t need to go with trend always. Sometimes, you can wear what you want to wear and who knows it will set a new trend? Umm?

3) Make a Right Bra Selection

Choosing a right bra is the most important thing for you to look good. Also, don’t buy a cheap lingerie. You can buy clothes from streets but always spend money on the bra. If you wear a right bra of your size, you will always look classy and neat and trust me, that matters a lot.

4) Pick clothes according to your body

Follow trend. But never compromise with your own personality. Don’t make fun of yours in front of others just because of following a trend. Giving comfort to your body comes first. Whatever you wear, you should feel good.

5) Mix and match

It’s good to wear clothes in the pair. But have you ever thought about to wear clothes by pairing it with something else? For eg, wear a palazzo with kurta, palazzo with your normal black tank top.

6) Choose a good fabric

If you think that fabric of clothes which you wear doesn’t matter, then ladies, you are wrong. It does matter a lot. And yes, not every type of fabric suits you. You must be having your favorite top in which you look like a diva. So, go and check the fabric used in the top and if you think it suits you, you can buy some more clothes of the same fabric.

7) Be choosy with your shoes

Of course, we wear the different type of clothes and with different clothes, how can we wear the same pair of sandal? Ummm? Well, always be choosy with your sandals. Choose it according to your clothes, comfort, and match.

8) Add some jewelry

From the word jewelry, I didn’t mean those heavy gold pieces of jewelry. All you need is a fashionable silver accessory which will compliment your dress and of course the occasion.

Liked it? please share. And if you have an idea or hack related to the fashion which you would like to share with us, please do comment in the given space below just right after this article. Good luck, feel good.

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