Five reasons why Dhoni can play until 2019 World Cup

MS Dhoni to play till 2019 world cup

The former Indian captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been an important asset for the Indian team ever since his debut. He has been the darling of the crowds with his match-winning performance and the breath-taking finishes at his own will. MS Dhoni is the most successful captain for India who unquestionably took the team to great heights with his cool implementation of strategies and deployment of right attitude and passion towards the game. The massive smasher of the ball became a legend even though being an unconventional player, which might be his real strength.

In the recent years after Dhoni quit the captaincy, he has been on the list of the critics asking about his retirement. Dhoni time and again has proved his critics wrong by pulling close wins and his performance. He seems unstoppable once he has set his foot on the ground. There are speculations that the captain cool might want to play until the next world cup in 2019 and he would surely be the greatest factor if India goes on to win that.

Here are Five reasons why MSD can play until 2019 World Cup.

1 ) His Wicket keeping skills are irreplaceable

MS Dhoni has proven himself to the be super quick behind the stumps. His agility and swiftness to grab the ball and remove the bails within a fraction of a second are well known. He is also known to be someone who constantly interacts with captain Kohli and the bowlers to give the best advice to remove a batsman from behind the stumps. With that experience in the team and no other wicketkeeper having that skill, India would surely want him to continue until the next world cup.

2 ) Invaluable Experience and Guidance to Kohli

Usually, the captain depends a lot on the wicketkeeper to provide them with the right suggestions to set the field and the bowler. The reason being the fact that the wicketkeeper has the best visual of the field from that point and can analyze and deduce the best solution to change the game. With Dhoni who himself holds the captaincy skills and experience of 10 years he surely provides the best inputs to the current captain to bend the game towards their way and to win it. His experience will surely come handy for the aggressive captain, Virat Kohli in the impending world cup 2019.

3 ) Approach towards the game

Dhoni has always been a threat to the opponent as long as he is on the field. The world knows his ability to smack the ball into the orbits even until the last ball of the match. Recently he has changed his way of the game and usually starts slowly and adopted quite a matured approach. He very well makes a partnership with any batsman on the other end and carries the games slowly and pulls it to a win.

4 ) Fitness to carry on playing

MS Dhoni is 35 years old and still the fastest runner between the wickets, in fact, better than the youngsters. We have his agility time and again when he converts all the singles to doubles comfortably. The game with Bangladesh in the Asia Cup where he ran to the wicket to dismiss the batsman on the last ball was another evidence of his exemplary fitness. Although he will be 38 by 2019, we can vouch for his ability to be on par with the majority of the youngsters with fitness being the parameter.

5 ) Game Planner

MS Dhoni’s shrewd thinking has won India number of games as wicket-keeper as well as a batsman. While his smartness has been a major concern for the opponents, it is surely a winning factor for the Indian team which makes him an apposite choice of the selectors to carry on playing for the upcoming world cup in 2019. His crucial implementations have been shifting the momentum of the game in the favor of India at multiple occasions.

6 ) Best Finisher and Game saver

MS Dhoni owns a self-record of finishing the game by hitting long. And he is the game saver as we can say there is always hope of winning the match when he is on the field for batting like in 2011 world cup final match against Sri Lanka he promoted himself in batting order and comes on No. 5 hits 91 runs in 79 balls and finishes the match by hitting six and lifts the World Cup. So we can say he the best finisher and game saver.

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