Harsh Truth Of LIFE. Read Now

life living lessons we all learn

Life is unpredictable. It goes on. We assume that we know what life is and is living the most of it. But no, we are not. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. And the worst part is, we are not learning from our own mistakes.

Let’s see some life living lessons we all should learn

1 ) Nothing lasts forever

Nothing lasts forever. Everything is temporary. Not even your life is forever and so as people. People come, they meet, they talk, you start liking them and is ready to accept them in your life. but don’t forget that they are not forever. They may go, they may not go. You don’t know. You’ve to be strong. Don’t get attached.

2 ) Don’t hold grudges

As I said earlier, nothing lasts forever. Not even your life. so, what’s the sense of holding grudges from people? They may have done wrong with you. But try to forgive and forget. Of course, don’t give them a chance again to commit the same mistake. But don’t hold grudges. Live your life. stop thinking about things which makes you sad.

3 ) Age is just a number

Age is just a number. Your age shouldn’t control your life. you don’t need to do things according to your age. For eg, marrying before turning 30. Completing education before 25 or maybe having kids before 40. No, do what you want. If you want to get married at the age of 20, get married. If you want to get married in 40, get married. Don’t follow any norms made by society. Do what you want. Nobody should control your life. you are the only one who should rule your life.

4) Your kids aren’t you

Sometimes, when we couldn’t do what we wanted to in our life, we expect our children to follow our dreams. And I think, that’s wrong. We should get an equal chance. We already got one and now, that’s their turn. That’s their chance. We don’t need to force them to leave their dreams and be what we wanted to be. Your kids may not question you but again, that’s their life. try to be fair enough.

5) Accept your mistakes and learn from it

The biggest problem of most of the people is that they don’t accept their mistakes. Even if they realize it, they don’t accept it. They argue. But never accept. Ego problem? Maybe! But no, accepting and self-realization is the biggest thing a human can ever have. Start accepting and learn from your mistakes too. Take a lesson from it. And don’t repeat it again.

6)Live the life to its fullest

Last but the most important one, live the life to its fullest. We often forget how to live with the life of problems. We don’t live it at all. We the ake stress, we get tensed. Everyone has got life problems. It’s not you only. But your time, your life won’t come back. Live the life. don’t forget to live with life of problems. Keep enjoying.

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