9 things Only a Hostel Guy Can Understand

Hostel Life

Soon after we complete our 12th, we get serious about making our careers. And most of the people shift to some other city just to complete their higher education. And not everyone is so lucky to have a relative living in the same city. So, in that case, people prefer living in hostels. And it has many benefits and drawbacks as well. So, let’s see some of the things which only a person living in a hostel can relate to.

1 ) Living far away without a family is hard

From the day you were born till now, you lived with your family who was taking a good care of you. Whenever you want something, you ask your dad to bring for you. And whenever you want to find something which you kept and forget, you call your mom. So now, living without them is tough for you.

2 ) Hostel food suck – Can’t take this anymore

Hostel food suck AF. You will get the half-boiled vegetables, those boiled dals, and the raw chapatis. Plus, even the plates aren’t washed properly. No fancy food, nothing. You’ve just got no choice.

3) Midnight Maggie – Borrow kettle and make maggi

Midnight Maggie was your savior. Remember those days when you all use to make Maggie in your hostel at midnight? plus, the variation you all have tried of Maggie?

4 ) The “contri” thing -“Money collection strategy”

We all have experienced it. Going out to eat with your friends is equal to splitting the bill. We all know the assumed rule of splitting the bills whenever we go out.

5) Cravings for Ghar ka Khanna

Only a hosteller can understand the real value of Ghar ka khaana. We might not understand the value of our home-made food while living in the home, but once we go out, we crave for eating our mom’s food.

6 ) Money Saving Strategies

We don’t value the money until and unless we are forced to do that. Time teaches us everything. But once we live alone in the hostel, we learn the technique of spending a whole month in just 500 bucks.

7) Late night phone calls

And those late-night phone calls which were easy to do while living in a hostel. That was indeed a good time. Talking to your bf/gf for the whole night and keeping ourselves updated with all the tariff plans was only possible in hostel life.

8) Hostel Buddies

And those irritating, annoying but cute hostel friends makes it memorable. We fight, we hate each other, we abuse and we annoy each other. But we love each other. Hostel life wouldn’t have been this easy without our friends.

9) We start valuing our parent’s love

Last but not the least, we never thought we are so dependent on our parents. But the reality is, we are still a kid. They love us like anything. Without them, life isn’t that good. And living in a hostel away from our families makes us realize how much we love them.

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