10 Things Only a Proud Pet Owner Can Understand

Do you own a Pet?

Pets are life. They’re probably the best part of your life. Their love, affection, and care towards their owner is speechless. They love you more than your children.

And here, we present some things which only a proud pet mother can relate to

1 ) You already have the feeling of mother without being married

Even if you’re not married, you’ll get the feeling of being a mother. Your pet will be your own kid and you’ll start behaving like a mother.

2 ) Whenever you go out, you’ll bring toys for your pet

Whenever you go out, you’ll bring a lot of toys and pieces of stuff for your pet. (That’s something I always do) and I am sure there are many more people like me.

3 ) Cuddle to your pets

And how can one forget about the cute cuddle? All your pet wants is a good cuddle time. All pets love cuddling. And if you’ve a dog or a cat, then cuddle is a must. You can’t live happily ( I mean your pet won’t let you live ) without giving your pet a cute cuddle.

4 ) Sharing Bed – Your bed isn’t just yours

When you have got a pet, then you’ve to share your things, your food, and your bed as well. Now, your bed isn’t just yours. It belongs to your cute chubby pet also. And of course, your pet has its favorite side to sleep.

5 ) You’ll get their hair everywhere

If you are pet owner of a dog or maybe a cat, then you are going to find their hair everywhere in your house. You’ll get it in your clothes, sofas, bed and everywhere else. So brace yourself for it.

6 ) Their love is beyond anything

Their love is beyond everything. They have selfless love. They don’t need anything expensive from you. All they want is your love, care and time. More you love them, more they live happily.

7) Even pet names are your password

Well, in my case, my Wi-Fi password is the name of my kitty. And there are many people who use their pet name for anything good.

8 ) You’ve no permission to love someone else

You’ve got no right and permission to love someone else. All your love is reserved for them and in fact, you can’t even go out without their permission. And if in case you does, you’ve to apologize.

9 ) No matter how busy you’re, play time with your pet is must

No matter how occupied you’re with your work, you’ll always have some time to play with your pet as it is one of the most important things you’ve to do. And trust me, once you start playing with your pet, you’ll forget all your problems and will feel better.

10 ) Your day starts with your pet

Your day starts with them. When you wake up, the first thing that comes to your mind is about your pet. Where is he? What is he doing? Is he hungry? And you forget everything else and start finding your little love in the whole house.

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