Shocking Facts about Nagaland

12 interesting things about Nagaland you should know

Nagaland a state with mountains, beautiful sceneries, and rich amazing culture.
The Capital of Nagaland state is Kohima with population of 20 lakhs approx with touching Myanmar.
        Here are some interesting facts about Nagaland:-

  • Called land of tribes. There are 16 different major tribes in Nagaland all with different culture, language, customs and dresses and also many sub-tribes.


  • 85% of population  are Christians, 8 % are Hindus and 2% are Muslims.
  • Nagaland is known as “the only predominantly Baptist state in the world”

  • There are more than 20 different languages spoken in only Nagaland with population of 2 million only. Major language is not English but tribal language “AO”. Yes “AO” is language
  • Majority of peoples in Nagaland are called “NAGA” with their two cool rituals:-
    Head hunting and feasting

  • The main food of naga community is meat of dog. Shocked? Yes it’s true

  • Some tribes of Nagaland are even very dangerous so be prepared when you visit Nagaland because head hunting comes in tribals ritual.


  • Near about 85% of people are non-vegetarians.
  • In spite of all this shocking facts don’t think they are illiterates. Yes 85% of them are scholars.

  • Crackers are ban in Nagaland. Can you imagine “ Diwali without crackers”.
  • Different styles of shawls from different tribes as shawls also shows their social status.

    source: pinterest

  • Nagaland is home to the “bhut jolokia” or ghost pepper, one of the hottest chilis in the world

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