10 Reasons Why Teenage Life Is Difficult

Being a teenager is no easy feat with school, growing up and planning for the future to do.

But here are the 10 reasons why being a teenager is truly the worst :

1) Body image and self-esteem problems

You’ve spent very few years in your body and it’s going through so many changes and the media makes you believe that you look way worse than acceptable and overall it’s just a struggle trying to believe that your body is truly beautiful.

2) Importance of grades

You have countless people telling you countless things about how important your grades are and how they expect a lot of you. It’s also stressful to keep your grades up if you’re not interested in your subjects and have chosen them as per your parents’ decision. You’ll meet people who don’t believe in you and you’ll have to deal with it gracefully.

3) Having to make decisions that can potentially affect you front the rest of your life

Choosing your subjects, writing national exams which choose your university and selecting your college major is tough. They’re decisions, as many people would have already lectured you, that will affect you for the rest of your life and they will expect you to make the right decision although they believe that you cannot even be trusted to return home a little later than 9 pm.

4) Hormones

Hormones that make zits pop on your face, hormones that make you grow hair in weird places and hormones that make you think about the opposite sex. They’re stressful, they’re weird and they’re not going anywhere so you’ll have to learn to control them and keep your head up as they change.

5) Dealing with parents

Regardless of whether you have overbearing strict parents or chill parents, you’ll still have moments when you feel like they don’t understand half the things you’re going through. Regardless, remember that they love you and try your best to get along.

6) Prioritizing

At 17, it’s difficult to prioritize between your favorite school sport, managing your grades, social life, sleep and that guy or girl you like. But you’ll be expected to juggle everything like a pro until one day, you really do.

7) Constant lack of sleep & lethargy

It’s been proven that teenagers do indeed feel more sleepy and lethargic because of the bodily changes they undergo and unfortunately, this time will coincide with the time that you’re supposed to be making the most of your life and building the foundation to your adulthood.

8) Teenage Love

Puppy love and young relationships can be tough as both partners are undergoing a myriad of changes. It’s also difficult when you may have to move away for college etc and end things. Recovering from your first heartbreak will be tough but necessary.

9) Not being taken seriously

Because teenagers are known to be temperamental and moody, they often not taken seriously. You’re believed to be an impulsive and immature person and often, people won’t take you seriously no matter how good your insight purely because of your age. And this will be frustrating but you will have to take it in your stride.

10) An adult but not for others

Often, you’ll hear adults telling you how you’re old enough so you should be able to this and that yourself but then you’ll hear them tell you that you can’t attend that party you’ve been dying to attend because you’re too young. It will be hypocritical and ironic but it is what it is.

So if you’re a teen, realize that this too shall pass and you’ll turn into a wonderful adult and feel better soon.




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