These Facts About Tall People Will Blow Your Mind

Being tall is something we all wish to be. But again, that’s not possible for all of us. It depends on some factors like your parents, your appetite, your outdoor activities and a lot more. But we all have some friends who are really tall. So today, we are going to talk about those problems which only a tall person can relate to

1 ) People ask you your height


2) They will assume that your parents are tall

they will assume that your parents are tall so that you are tall too. And if in case they see that your parents are not so tall, they will ask you 100 questions again about how is that possible? How can you be so tall then?

3) Tall people= athlete


I don’t know why, but it is a premature assumption that being a tall person has the direct connection of being an athlete. If someone is tall, we assume that he/she indulges in some kind of outdoor activity or is a player.

4) People will always ask Favour from you


People will always ask for help whenever they need to pick something which is kept high. No matter how busy you are, they will always call you to get something which is kept really high. And that too not just at home but at malls too. And trust me, it is embarrassing.

5) For  Tall girls, maxi dresses and skirts are big struggles


For girls who are tall, finding a pretty perfect maxi dress or a long skirt is not less than any struggle. And if she wants a floor length skirt or dress, then she must search a lot to find a skirt according to her height.

6) Even finding a tall guy to get hitched is tough


Okay! If a guy is tall, he is too smart. He is perfect for any girl either short or tall. But if a girl is tall, it is really tough for her to find a guy who can match her height. It is again a task.

7) Whenever you wear a heel, people ask IS IT NEEDED?


Okay! Being a tall person is a good thing, right? but then, if you wear a heel which you like, people will always taunt you like – why do you even need to wear a heel? You’ve got a good height. Then why?

8) People address you like yes, that tall person

People often address you as yes, I’m talking about the tall one. They won’t take your name. they won’t talk about your features, your qualifications or something. They will call you, the tall one.

9) They will give you the nickname too

Calling you a tall person is okay. But then, giving you a nickname like lambu, khamba and a lot more is quite irritating, isn’t it?

10) And the bad lame joke


How can we forget the bad lame jokes we often get? For eg, asking you about how’s the weather? I mean, seriously?

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