Things only an Indian girl can understand

Daily story of Indian girls

Are you an Indian? Or are you a friend with an Indian lady? If yes, you will understand these things totally. Wanna know what are those? Let’s take a look.

 1) 25 is the ideal marriage age

No matter how educated we’re, there are a lot of Indian families who consider 25 as the ideal age of marriage for a girl. And if she’s above 25 and unmarried, she’s in a big mess.

2) Night out? Big NO!

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Night outs are still the big deal for us. Especially when it comes to any girl, the answer is obviously NO!

3) Highly educated girls can’t get married.

 Okay! This is lame. Yes. Many say, if a girl is highly educated, it is tough for her to get married because she won’t be able to adjust in a family and yes, how can she be more educated than her husband? Eh?

4) Wanna study more? Why?

If you want to study more and wanna go out for your higher studies, it is not so easy for you. You’ll have to face many questions like WHY? WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN? ULTIMATELY, YOU HAVE TO GET MARRIED, COOK FOOD. THEN WHY WASTING MONEY?

5) Short clothes? What’s wrong with your upbringing?

Yes. If you’re wearing short clothes like one piece, shorts, sleeveless or backless, then the society will raise the question of your upbringing directly. I mean.. WTF ?

6) The way of sitting can decide your character

Here, in India, a girl needs to sit according to the society. She just can’t sit with the way she’s comfortable with. She must sit properly.

7) Family get together= your future planning


 Of course, your relatives are the most annoying persons of your life. They’ll keep asking you questions like when will you get married, how much do you earn, do you have a boyfriend? Haw? And when they don’t get any answer, they’ll even make your future planning. And you’ll like WHAAATTT?

8) Having a boyfriend is still a NON-SANSKAARI thing

Having a boyfriend is still a big thing in India. And if you’re a boyfriend and wants to marry him, it is just so NON-SANSKAARI. So, if you’re having a boyfriend, you’re not at all a SANSKAARI girl according to the society.

9) Being beautiful is all about how fair you’re

In our society, the parameter of measuring anyone’s beauty is their skin colour. It is all about how fair is she. And if in case she’s dusky, people will refer her a lot of fairness creams, beauty treatments and what not.

So, these were the some of the things that only an Indian woman can relate to. But yes, these are not at all the good things and try to make changes. So, bring a change in yourself and change the world. If you’re having any points or suggestions which I’ve missed, then please do share. We highly appreciate your feedback.




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