Things That Made Your Childhood Memorable

Remember those days when the only worry was having more fun before sleeping, the days were pure fun-filled adventures, below is a list describing few amazing memories of those fun days.

1 ) Collecting tazos from the chips packet

Admit everyone was crazy about tazos, we used to buy chips just to collect these tazos and to flaunting our collection in front of friends.

2 ) Playing – Wajir, Badhshah ,Chor, Sipahi

Getting the raja card in this game is the best moment. In childhood, it seemed like the only thing to do when indoors. The excitement in getting Badshah and passing fake smile when getting Chor. The excitement was out of the world. Only time pass thing when you feeling bored or coming in school bus.

4 )  Shaktimaan – ” Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan h”

The only superhero of my childhood. All week there is only one thing waiting for Sundays desperately just for Shaktimaan was one of the regular routines; then next day going to school and discussing the adventures of Gangadhar.

4 ) Birthday Party in school

It was one of the most exciting parts of our childhood days, we were allowed to wear our favorite dress in school and distributing toffees with our best friend.

5 ) Making boats during rainy season

The joy and excitement in making boats from paper; then making it race among our sibling’s boats and observing which boat goes the longest distance in the water stream.

6 ) Watching Pokémon, Beyblade, Swat Cats

Everyone used to watch these shows, Pikachu was a household name, remember our mothers calling Pikachu to any Pokémon they saw. Pure fun was those days.

7 ) The excitement in covering new copies with glazing paper

It was our favorite once in a year task, we used to help our mom covering book and copies with the brown paper and getting excited to see everything done finally.

8 ) Having that cigarette shaped candy and feeling like a badass

Ever Tried the cigarette candy and even try to smoke with that.The feeling was so intense when we used to have these candies; we use to act like elders and feel like such a badass.

9) Playing Street cricket in sunny days

Cricket was the only sport we knew so well that whenever we got time we played it. The best part was when the power cut used to happen in the nights, everyone used to come out and started playing cricket.

10) Playing The Musical Chair

Oh, the excitement on Birthday Parties playing the musical chairs game, everyone wanted to sit and we used to panic as the music stopped.

These were some things which made our childhood memorable. Please share your views about it.


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