These Things Are Must To Do On This Diwali

Happy Diwali !!!!!

Diwali is just going to come and that’s a big festival for us. Isn’t it? A festival for which, we wait a whole year. One of the best festivals for and of course, it gives us a reason to shop, to celebrate.

So here are few things we advise you to do this Diwali. Let’s take a look

1) Shop for others – ” kharidlo”

Okay! So, shopping for ourselves is something which we do whole year so why not to shop for others? This Diwali, let’s do some shopping for your parents, your siblings and for your whole family. Give them an expected surprise. Make them happy.

2) Give a new look to your home -“Sajado Ghar”

Are you bored of your home interior? If yes, then why not to redecorate your house this Diwali within a budget? You can do it with waste material too. There are many ways in which we can use our waste or old stuff to decorate your house. All you need to do is to show some creativity and a bit time. And that’s how it will be done.

3) Go ethnic – “Sadabahar”

Okay! So, Diwali is totally a sanskaari theme. So why not to go ethnic this Diwali? We all wear western dresses throughout the year. But Diwali is a traditional festival. So go and get some ethnic clothes to look sanskaari.

4) Celebrate it with family -“Home Sweet Home”

We run from family occasions the whole year. We don’t talk to our relatives much. We try to ignore family affairs as much as we can. But not in Diwali. Let’s make it a family affair. Go and meet all your relatives with a lot of positivity. Wish them. Celebrate with them.

5) Give a break to your dieting – “khul k khao”

You’ve full year to keep a control on calories. Let’s give a break to your dieting for one or two days? I’m sure you’ll cover it with some exercise. It’s a festival of joy. and you all know the type of sweets and all those gujiyas we get every Diwali. And how can someone say no to it? Give a break to your dieting and grab them all.

6) Don’t light firecrackers – “Not Phuljadi but rassi bomb”

That’s something nobody will agree to. But still saying, try to burn fewer firecrackers as you know it will cause air pollution and again, that’s something which can be controlled. So, if possible, try not to burn firecrackers. And even if you’re burning it, don’t hurt any animal at least. They too have got a life. let them live.

7) Do some charity – ” Thoda dan to banta h”

celebrate it with sharing. Share some of your happiness with those who cant buy it. don’t be selfish. Share and celebrate. Even if you share 1% of what you’ve, it will be a lot for someone who never got that 1% too.

 Liked it? please share. And wish you all a very happy Diwali.


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