Why women faking their orgasms?

Do you know Women’s give a fake big “O” in mid of action


All men feel a sense of accomplishment when they’re able to make a woman orgasm. Whether it is courtesy of the repeated pelvic thrusts or some finger-action, once (more like, if) a woman finishes, men seem to achieve some self-proclaimed sainthood.
Most men fail to understand that penetrative sex doesn’t cut it for a lot of women. While some do achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, that number is too small to be generalized for every woman.
Here are a few reasons why women fake orgasms in the first place:

1) The selfishness of men:-

Well, it depends on kind of a man.  If you are ready to take responsibility of your woman pleasure then she will be satisfied. A man should understand this point when they are finish may be his woman goes high. When a specific level of trust has been set up, a lady will feel loose in the arms of her partner, bringing about charming and fulfilling sex. Regardless, remember that ladies can even enjoy sex without having a climax.

2)Not only a thing of men:- Men’s needs to understand that women’s also enjoy sex with the partner like them, it’s not only their thing. it’s not only the man who needs to achieve orgasm her girl too. Yes, Orgasm for a girl is like icing on the hot oven.

3) Lack of coordination: No surprise women end up faking orgasms during sex. Maybe she thinks it is the best option because there is lack of coordination between the partners due to many reasons like they are trying it for the first time, pain or maybe she is not enjoying the positions or techniques used by her partner.

4) Less knowledge of women’s:   She is not a toy, one has to make love to her partner. You can blame porn for this because all the women seem to be orgasming multiple times in a 15-minute clip. How is that even possible? Thanks to this ridiculous and false representation in porn, many women go on to believe that it’s imperative to finish, or at least fake the finish, so that they don’t come across as sore losers who can’t manage an orgasm.

5) Lack of foreplay: Foreplay is kind of a thing like preheating her oven. It is the best way of improving sex by foreplay like massaging her body or satisfying her orally.
It depends a lot on the kind of man you are. If you’re really into foreplay and have all your bases covered, your woman shouldn’t have any problem getting her juices flowing. But if you’re the kind who is not into foreplay, you might want to rethink your strategy. Because trust me, a woman loves a little tease.

Hope this article helps you to know your partner closely.

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